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Make Your Dog Healthy With All Natural Dog Treats

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With Best Bully Sticks, one of the best all natural dog treats and dog chews in the market, you are sure your dog will stay healthy. Dogs just adore bully sticks, particularly Best Bully Sticks, because they taste great and last so much longer than regular dog treats. Since most dog owners are shifting to nutritious, reliable, and healthy dog treats, these products are getting more and more clients every day.

These Best Bully Sticks are low in calories and are for dogs of all sizes and ages. Your pet will enjoy long hours of chewing, gnawing, and entertaining themselves with these sticks, at the same time, improving their dental hygiene. Furthermore, the Best Bully Sticks are rich in protein, low in fat, and completely digestible. They are also 100% natural, opposite of rawhides that are chemically treated and take forever to digest, presenting even a choking hazard and even bacteria growth. You be rest assured that these naturally dog treats have been approved by the food and drug administration of the U.S. and are derived from grass fed and free range bulls.

Natural Dog Treats Offer Various Benefits

Natural dog treats provide your dog with so many benefits! Take for example, California Natural Dog Treats. Their Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Health Bar Dog Treats is made with the best quality chicken meal, giving your dog a healthy and delicious reward. The California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Health Bar Dog Treats, on the other hand, is from a lamb meal that is of high quality. Lastly, their Salmon Meal Formula Health Bar Dog Treats gives your dog significant long chain omega-3 fatty acids that include DHA and EPA.

Dogs’ Favorite: Natural Dog Biscuits

Give your dog his or her favorite with natural dog biscuits. Wagatha’s Organics Dog Biscuits, case in point, are USDA certified organic and natural dog biscuits that use honest and pure ingredients from a completely licensed human grade bakery. They have no soy, corn, or wheat (except for their Classic Recipe) products in them.

The products from these organic dog biscuits come from carefully observed organic growing environment in North America, except for their bananas (which is from Central America) and their extra virgin olive oil (which is from Italy or Spain). These ingredients are easily digestible oats and barley, which are shock full of nutrients and complete with the essential minerals and vitamins. These grains are the basis of their wheat free biscuit products.

Another ingredient that they use is whole-wheat flour, which is the main ingredient in their original flavor biscuits and is a wonderful source of fermentable fiber and protein. The wheat cleanses toxins from the body of your dog and assists in stimulating liver functions and it also has zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, folic acid, B vitamins, and other minerals.

Yet another ingredient that they use is brown flax seed, which is rich in omega-3, promoting a healthy skin and coat, preventing cancer, and improving heart health. Another ingredient is extra virgin olive oil, which has a maximum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that have a great role in healing inflammation in intestines, skin, and joints.

The next important ingredient that they use is honey, as it has a lot of essential nutrients that includes B-complex vitamins, which helps fight colon cancers. It is also a natural antiseptic, a great energy source, and promotes healing. Lastly, the ingredient of garlic is an antioxidant, fighting disease and infection.

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All Natural Dog Treats



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