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Why Should Acana Dog Food Be Your Top Choice?

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Acana Dog Food should be your top choice because they make Biologically Appropriate pet foods made from the freshest ingredients that come from local regions. Their philosophy indicates that they have a completely new group of pet food that is meant to nourish cats and dogs but at the same time staying true to their diets that should be full of meat and protein.

The ingredients in Acana Dog Food are different from other products as well, since they only use ingredients that are locally sourced and raised sustainably. These are brought to your door fresh (not frozen). They are free of preservatives and full of delicious goodness that will nourish pets fully, not depending on processed commodity ingredients.

These products are made solely in the award winning kitchens of Acana in Alberta, Canada. With these products, Acana ensures that your pet will be kept strong, healthy, and happy. If you read through their products’ ingredients, you will be happy too - this is guaranteed!

We Offer All Natural Dog Food Brands

Acana offers all natural dog food brands with its three product lines. First, Acana Classics Dog Food has 55% to 65% meat, which has wild caught flounder, whole eggs, and cage-free Cobb chicken, along with sun ripened vegetables and fruits straight from the orchards of Okanagan, Canada. These all deliver in flavor, and of course, nourishment. Also, note that they are low in carbohydrates but rich in protein. At the same time, they do not have high glycemic grains and use local steel cut oats instead that are low glycemic, single source of grain.

Next, Acana Regional Dog Food is made from the freshest and best ingredients from Canada, reflecting their local heritage and showing the variety of fresh and unique food grown from the wide ranchlands, clean waters, fertile valleys, and rich prairies of western Canada. These products are free of grains, low in carbohydrates, and rich in protein. These flavorful and one of a kind Acana products have 35% to 40% vegetables and fruits and 60% to 65% meat to fully nourish your pets.

Lastly, great for dogs of all life stages, all breeds, and sensitivities, Acana Singles Dog Food has unmatched poultry or meat of New Zealand lamb, Canadian duck, or Alberta pork. They are combined using highly nourishing Whole Prey ratios to remove the necessity for synthetic vitamins and amino acids in Acana products.

Choose Among Top Natural Dog Food Brands

Find the top natural dog food brands with the three one of a kind product lines from Acana. Based on their standards of Biologically Appropriate standards, Acana products are ensured to meet the different nutritional needs of your pets. Since these products are made from the freshest and best ingredients from the award winning kitchen of Acana, these authentic and unique food will make sure that your dog or cat will be and will stay in tiptop shape.

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Acana Dog Food



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